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Bunsen Is a Beast! is the first episode of Season 1, and first overall episode of Bunsen Is a Beast, which premiered on February 20, 2017.[1]


Bunsen attends his first day of human middle school in hopes of proving that beasts and humans can happily co-exist.



  • This episode reveals that Munkledunk has been formed in 1805 brought in the feuding Muckle and Dunk families together to form the town.
  • The woman sitting on the bench in the park is Mary Poppins.
  • This is the only episode to not have "Bunsen is a Beast in: ..." in the title card.


  • When Mikey gives Amanda some caramel, she gets mad at Mikey, and trips over her own saliva on the ground. After, there is a close-up on Bunsen thanking Mikey, but when the camera zooms back out, Amanda and her saliva on the ground disappear.
  • Despite the plot being about Bunsen proving that beasts and humans can happily co-exist, it's actually about Bunsen's first day of school going fine, but trouble ensures when he drinks Beet Juice.


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