"Umm... I dunno..."
— Mikey

Mikey is a main character of Bunsen Is a Beast.


Mikey is a quiet, shy and intelligent young boy who is trying new things and embracing different aspects of life, especially Bunsen being around a lot.


Mikey has a long body, orange hair and apricot colored skin. He is mostly seen wearing a green shirt with a single dark green zig-zag line, which is placed in the middle of the shirt, he has a white collar and white sleeves, which could indicate he wears a white shirt underneath, he also wears blue pants and red-and-white sneakers.



  • Bunsen is Mikey's best friend. Mikey doesn't care that he is a beast at all, and their relationship could possibly be seen as brotherly; as they always look out for each other and help each other out. Bunsen is very loyal to Mikey as Mikey is to Bunsen, and they can be seen hanging out with each other most of the time.


Sophie Sanders

  • Sophie is Mikey's love interest. Mikey has a crush on her.


  • Amanda is the antagonist of the series. Mikey wouldn't call Amanda a friend, but due to how she acts around Mikey (with the aggressive attitude), it is possible that she could have a secret interest in Mikey. But because she is against Bunsen, Mikey doesn't have an interest in her, but he has been seen to be kind towards her, despite her angry attitude towards him and Bunsen. He, along with Bunsen, do help out Amanda whenever she lands into serious trouble ("Beast Busters" and "Thunder and Frightening", for example).


  • In the show's pilot, Mikey had blue eyes and wore a white shirt with red stripes. In the TV series, he has black eyes and wears a green shirt with dark green zig zags.


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